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If you are a solo attorney or a member of a small firm, you are likely faced with a great number of tasks with varying deadlines.  Many times those deadlines are bunched together creating a “to do” list longer than the number of hours remaining within which to complete the work.

Research and writing tasks often get pushed to evenings and weekends, replacing other more enjoyable activities.  Consider hiring an independent contractor to assist you with those projects.

New Hampshire Attorney Solutions (NHAS) provides the research and writing needed for motions, dispositive motions, or other memorandum of law, and any other research needs.  NHAS also provides other litigation needs should your trial preparation require another set of hands.

I practiced law in general practice for five years handling a variety of maters in the areas of, mainly, civil law and family law before I opened NHAS to concentrate on what I enjoy most about the practice of law, research and writing.

I have practiced before the states courts, including the Supreme Court of New Hampshire, the Superior Court, Family Divisions, Probate Court, and District Courts as well as the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in New Hampshire and the U.S. District Court.

By hiring NHAS, you get the predictable and dependable assistance from an experienced attorney when you need it, but avoid the overhead expenses when you don’t.  Additionally, you keep a valued client or take on a client you might not otherwise be able to take on while maintaining control over your case. 

I have the same duties under the Rules of Professional Responsibility regarding confidentiality and avoiding conflicts.  An ABA Ethics Opinion (NO. 00-420) instructs that if the total fee charged to your client is reasonable, you may add a surcharge to any of my fees billed as legal services.


I am a licensed New Hampshire attorney offering litigation support to busy attorneys statewide.  I provide thorough legal research and writing, drafting, pre-trial motions, memoranda, and briefs.  I work closely with clients to meet their needs in a timely fashion and affordable rate.Type your paragraph here.

NHAttorney Solutions, PLLC